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Jim Lindsay - LSS school at May Downs Station.

Quote: from LSS Website
'Low Stress Stockhandling places the emphasis is on mutually beneficial outcomes for stock and handlers regardless of yard design.
The foundation for Low Stress Stockhandling is 4 Basic Animal Instincts that explain what animals want and why they behave the way they do. In addition there are 7 Principles that guide how we can interact with the animals to work with those natural instincts and produce low stress outcomes. If the right methods are implemented, livestock will move with less stress through most facilities. Moving stock can be a low stress, painless activity for the livestock and the handlers.....'

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Low Stress Stock Handling with Jim Lindsay






A big thanks to James Lord for bringing long time friend Jim Lindsay out to May Downs for a Low Stress Stock Handling School.

As well as all the May Downs crew participating we were joined by Phillip and Andrew from Nottingham, Robert and Bob from Kilterry, Will Seymour -Barkly Helicopters and Ian Brennan- Brennan Transport.

While we have always worked our cattle quietly and the station has lovely quiet cattle the days with Jim Lindsey were a real eye opener and we saw how the small things can make a huge difference.
Everyone is looking forward to spending another day with Jim when we have some fresh weaners in to work with.

So till then we will be practising what we have learnt.
Who said work can't be fun! Written by Sandra Hagan.


Jim Lindsay - Trainer

Jim Lindsay - Kentle - Hughenden

Images from May Downs School

Darren working cattle in yard.

James Lord & Jim Lindsay watching on.

Lauren - Sophie - Darren
Enjoying the LSS workshop.