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Lord Cattle TEAMS congratulate - Ethan as the Nth West Regional Winner
for School-based Trainee / Apprentice of the Year 2013


Ethan Waldren - School Based Trainee - RITE training
Awarded a Horsemanship award in his training block 2012

Ethan has won an award in the Horsemanship section of his last
RITE training block 2012.

He had to do the following to receive the award:
Open a gate, trot on correct leads, canter on correct leads, jump, stop, back up & then do a trick.

He took his saddle off and jumped cantering bareback for his trick!!!!


About Rite Training.

The Full-Time traineeship is conducted over 1-2years, depending on the entry level of the trainee.

Ethan & his Dad Elwin at Lake Moondarra on a Lord Cattle skiing


Fun Moments for Ethan

Photo's courtesy of Julie-anne & Ethan.

Tubing on Lake Moondarra Mount Isa 2012.

Ethan at Lake Moondarra

Ethan, Jim, Ethans Brother, Jamie & Emma 2012.

Photos Courtesy Julie Anne & Ethan