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James & Marjorie Lord

Owners of Lord Cattle.

James and Marjorie have been involved in the cattle industry for over 35 years. All of this time has been spent in the North West Regions of Australia.

Cattle Stations.

James breeds cattle for the domestic and livestock cattle trade of Australia from his properties May Downs, situated 30 kilometers West of Mount Isa, Nottingham Downs and Wick situated 100km South of Hughenden, North Queensland. The cattle herd consists of approximately 17,000.00 composite Brahman Cattle placed in these various locations.

May Downs is 630,000 acres ( 234,000 hectares) and was purchased in 1986. The country comprises of predominantly Buffle Grass, Blue Grass....

Nottingham Downs was purchased in 2005 by JL & MA Lord as a downs fattening block to enhance the operations of their breeder block May Downs situated near Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia.

Nottingham Downs is situated West of Hughenden, Queensland and has a carrying capacity of approximately 4,000 head year round.
Rainfall is around 400mm per year. Nottingham Downs is predominantly made up of Red Flinders and Mitchell grass.

Nottingham Downs is predominantly made up of Red Flinders and Mitchell grass. Cattle from the May Downs operations are regularly transferred here to fatten when the seasons are good.







Lord & Penna Grazing Business

James & Marjorie are also business partners in the Lord & Penna Cattle Grazing Operations

Lord and Penna is a partnership of three partnerships, James & Marjorie Lord, Kacie & Ardie Lord and Gerard & Linda Penna.

LPP owns an aggregation of two properties, Woolthorpe, North of Aramac, and Bayrick, South of Tambo.

Gerard and Linda Penna live at Woolthorpe, operating the aggregation and managing the Lord and Penna business.

Woolthorpe is 113,000 acres (45,730 H.A.), 50% of which is open downs country, the remainder of which is pull Gidyea and Boree, channels and flood out.

Bayrick is 36,000 acres (14,574 H.A.) of undulating Mitchel grass downs and Buffel grass. It is prime wool growing/fattening country.

The business runs approximately 10,000 head of sheep and 7,000 head of cattle.

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