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About Lord Cattle

JL & MA LORD | Lord Cattle is owned and operated by James and Marjorie Lord. They have been in the Rural Industry for over 35 years.

James breeds cattle for the domestic and livestock cattle trade from his properties May Downs, situated 30 kilometers West of Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia and Nottingham Downs and Wick , 100km South of Hughenden, North Queensland. The cattle herd consists of approximately 20,000.00 composite Brahman Cattle in these various locations.

The operation of Lord Cattle evolves around a breeder herd based on May Downs Station and a fattening block, Nottingham Downs & Wick.

Our stations practices in the applications of Natural Stockmanship Techniques, rotational grazing, grass monitoring and paddock measuring.

The Lord Cattle livestock herd for over 30 years have been strictly culled on temperament and fertility.

The cattle James breeds for the Export Market, Feedlots, and Domestic Meat-works Market.

The herd has a Bos Indicus base for adaptation to our environment. James has recently introduced Boran Tuli and been using Angus Brangus and Senegus ,(Senepol / Angus), bulls to his herds.

Lord Cattle Vision

Our vision for Lord Cattle is to obtain an ecological and economically sustainable beef grazing operation.

Our vision for Lord Cattle is to be within the top 5% of Beef Producing properties in North West Queensland.

We would like to address all issues such as beef production, pasture management, best economic practices, marketing, human resources and animal psychology so as to achieve a holistic approach to this business.

Our aim with Lord Cattle is to create a learning environment where all people can develop to the best of their ability.

Honesty and integrity are important aspects or our vision.