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Our Team at the Campdrafts.

Jamie Hagan taking the beast around the course - May Downs Station - on Miss Muffet at Dajarra Campdraft 2012.

Campdrafting is a unique Australian sport first created in 1885 in Tenterfield.


It involves a horse, a rider and a herd of cattle.
The aim of the competition is to cut a beast from a small mob in the camp ( herd of cattle) , moving their horse among the cattle quietly and bring the chosen beast to the front gate of the (camp) arena yard.

Left: Sandra Hagan - May Downs 2012 - Out of the camp and front gate to complete the course.

Gavin Drew blocking a beast at the front gate- May Downs - Dajarra Campdraft 2012

The single beast for a small period of time must be blocked two or three times as it tries to return back to the mob, showing the horseman's skill at holding the beast.

Daniel Samways taking his beast around the course. May Downs 2012 - Dajarra Campdraft.

When the competitor feels that control of the beast has been demonstrated satisfactorily they will call to the judge for the gate to be opened. The rider then guides the beast as fast and smoothly as possible around the arena in a figure eight pattern. This course must be completed in forty seconds without losing the beast. If the rider fails in any of these areas the Judge also on horseback will crack his stock whip signifying to the crowd and rider that they have failed the course. If successful the rider will receive a score out of 100.

Marianne Glover - RITE Trainee at May Downs 2012 - full speed getting her beast around the course. Dajarra 2012

This horse sport requires good communication between horse and rider along with a sound knowledge of cattle handling.

The competition winners and winning horses are much talked about and admired for their skills at these Campdraft events.

Daniel Samways - May Downs 2012 - Dajarra Campdraft.

Campdrafts are a major social event for people in the North West Queensland.
Campdrafts for 2013
Local Mount Isa Area

Boulia Apr. 27 - 28

Contact Narda Grover (07) 47 461 211

Winton May 3 - 5
Contact Patrice Elliott (07)46 573 945

Burke & Wills Campdraft & Challenge
May 24 - 26

Contact Tara Locke (07) 47 425 922

Saxby June 28 - 30
Contact Kate Terry (07) 47 468 622

Mount Isa July 5 - 7

Contact Carol Letts 0407 273 013

Cloncurry Stockman's Challenge & Campdraft
July 11 - 14

Contact Kylie Warrian 0428 263 596

Camping Grounds
Argylla Tourist Park

Address: Barkly Highway, Mount Isa
Contact Ph: 07 4743 4733
No pets

Copper City Riverside Park

Address:185 West St, Mount Isa,
Contact Ph:07 4743 4676
No pets

AAOK Moondarra Village Park

Accommodation Village
Address: Lake Moondarra Rd, Mt Isa
Contact Ph: 07 4743 9780
Pets on application.

Mount Isa Caravan Park

Address:112 Marian St, Mount Isa
Contact Ph: 07 4743 3252
Pets on application.

Sunset Top Tourist Park

Address: 14 Sunset Drv, Mount Isa,
Contact Ph:07 4743 7668
Pets on application.

Travellers Haven Backpackers

Address: 75 Spence St, Mount Isa,
Contact Ph:07 4743 0313
Free pick-up and drop-off from the bus and train