Job Description & General Information

General Station Hand / Handy Person / Water Maintenance

This position will first and fore-mostly be responsible for the water and lick maintenance of the cattle stations.
This position will then secondly include the general station hand job description.

Maintenance and service of

Water tanks and troughs, keeping them clean and full at all times.
Motors and generators, recording oil changes.
Submersible pumps, and generators.
Identify delivery of water in liters per second.
Checking holding paddocks and traps are in good order.
Water vehicle, manitou and four wheeler.
Feed out and record any supplementary cattle lick used and needed.
Identifying and report the conditions of cattle and grass per paddock.
Recording rainfall and maintain rain gauges throughout station.
Collecting dung samples to send for faecal sampling when needed.

Skills required for this position 

Below are some of the work place jobs and skills that are required for the position as a General station hand / Stockperson.

Cattle handling and mustering on both horse & motorbikes.
Fencing construction and maintenance.
Water construction and maintenance.
Machinery maintenance.
Truck driving.
Feeding Lick supplement to the cattle herd and
other associated rural cattle station duties.

Please fill out the Rural Application Form located on the Jobs at May Downs station web page Application form at Jobs Page on our web.

Interviews can not be arranged unless this form is completed.

May Downs Rules

1. Turn up fit for work

2. If an issue arises call a meeting.
•If spoken in the meeting it’s constructive
•If spoken in the paddock it’s destructive.

3. Cattle must have a drink and feed every day.

4. We are to look after the land, animals & people.

5. Don’t go out & muster a paddock.
•Go out and handle cattle correctly
•Block up
•Move cattle straight off pressure
•Never let cattle go without blocking them up.

6. Notice to be given at breakfast if you’re not staying for dinner.






Working Expectations

✓There will be an expectation that the applicant will keep the sheds in a neat and tidy condition
✓ There is an expectation that the tools, saddlery, motorbikes and motor- vehicles are kept in a safe neat and orderly condition.
✓ To keep the saddle room in a neat and tidy condition.
✓ There is an expectation that after use all equipment will be returned to their retrospective places.
✓ There is an expectation that the jobs that are set out are accomplished ( within reason).
✓ That all Work Place Health and Safety rules are followed and common sense prevails.

Personal Expectations

✓ To have a developing work attitude and display common sense.
✓ Accomplished Stationhands to show leadership and direction to fellow Jackaroo's, Jilleroo's, and Trainees
✓ To work cooperatively with others in the team and as a team member.
✓ To be punctual to work.
✓ To exhibit clean and tidy personal habits and act in a way that enhances you and your fellow workmates. ( poor behavior to others will not be tolerated)
✓ Stationhand, Stockpersons must be prepared to be clean and tidy at work and in their living quarters
✓ Be clean and presentable when off the property.
✓ To display acceptable social behavior while dealing with the general public both in a work and work social situations.

water maintenance system.

Waters consist of dams, submersible pump, solar power and generators.