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Bookkeeper Office Admin Job Description

Our aim is to see you personally develop to the best of you to feel an integral and important team member as the Office Administrator for our cattle stations.
We are always looking for people who have a passion for the Rural Industry and aspire to attitudes of excellence, a strong work ethic, energetic and self belief and discipline
As the Office Administrator you will be involved in.

Engaging with the Managers and Team Staff from May Downs and Nottingham Downs with regard to ordering, queries and other such bookkeeping matters.
Periodically and when the situation occurs you may be involved in the general Team meetings, Team Building courses, and Station field days that are associated with the cattle stations.

Courses related to Office Administration and QuickBooks when available and needed are also organized for better utilization skills.

This position is interesting in the broad range of activities and duties it offers to the applicant.

It is an expectation of Management that the successful applicant will embrace and adhere to our Office Systems at all times.

Applicant will need to be conversant in Quick Books

▪Enter bills and invoice information.
▪Assign all order numbers from stations to invoices as they arrive into office.
▪Balance invoices against statements.
▪Prepare and process ABA files for Business Management to complete payment for suppliers.
▪Generate invoices and match purchase order numbers to invoices.
▪Process customer payments.
▪Match and balance cattle sales and the cattle sale & transfer sheets to payments.
▪Reconcile bank accounts.
▪Prepare correspondence / letters with Business Management
▪Help prepare and apply for any applicable funding.
▪Attend applicable staff meetings

Employment and Payroll

▪Organise advertisements for job vacancies.
▪Ensure new staff complete all employee checklist forms, sign off tax declarations, have noted applicable superannuation fund and other employment associated matters.
▪Process employee details to the office data base.
▪Process wage hours every fortnight; sick leave, annual leave and leave loading.
▪Prepare and run payroll with Business Management ensuring all is fully balanced and to create ABA files for staff payments to their nominated accounts.
▪Distribute pay slips fortnightly via e-mail to Station Managers for distribution.
▪Process Worker's Compensation when required.

Associated Duties

▪General Duties associated with getting office supplies, smoko supplies, picking up goods if required.
▪Post & collect business mail.
▪File and archive documents as per our required accounting system and needs.
▪Maintain and clean office every week.
▪Follow the Office security procedures and ensure that the building is fully secure at all times.


Job Location in Mount Isa

The Job Location is in the township of Mount Isa, North West Queensland, and not on the cattle stations. We have currently moved the Lord Cattle office to 71 Barkly Highway Mount Isa - 2012.

Part of this job requirement is that the applicant will be working between two office locations Lord Cattle & Precision Overhauls.

IMPORTANT Requirements.

Applicant would need to be available during the mid year term school holidays.
Children can not be accommodated into the Office workplace.
We request that Annual Holidays can be taken around 25/12/ -Xmas onwards to approximately mid February when our working season closes and entering the wet season as it is much quieter.
Mid year long annual holidays and time off for school holidays are not able to be accommodated.
Lord Cattle close up the Office and Stations for two 2 weeks over the Xmas Break and Holiday period , holiday leave and pay will be required to be taken for this period.
This usually starts 1day before Xmas onwards.

Office Amenities

The office working area is fully refrigerated air-conditioned for your comfort.

The modern kitchen has a microwave, sink, refrigerator, and table for eating. This is also refrigerated air-conditioned

Very neat and clean, tiled modern bathroom facilities.
✓Your duties will include keeping the kitchen area hygienic and free of dirty cups, and lunch plates at all times.
✓This will include sweeping and mopping the floors.
✓It is an expectation by the employer that the ✓Office Administrator will keep the office neat, tidy and organized at all times.

Personal Expectations

✓Applicant would need to be reliable and of honest and trustworthy character.
✓Applicant would need to be well presented and well spoken for this job.
✓Applicant would need to be of a sound character, and in good health.
✓Applicant would need to be a person we are proud to have represent our business.