Lord Cattle Skill PhotosJackaroo Jilleroo Trainee Job Description

Our aim is to see you personally develop to the best of your potential.

Lord Cattle livestock are known in the industry for their quite temperament.
Natural and low stress stock handling techniques  are used to manage the stock.

Lord Cattle aim to offer you a friendly working environment where you will feel confident to learn and develop the skills associated with the Rural Industry of Australia.

Our aim is to see you personally develop to the best of your potential.
Our Management teams work hard at encouraging a respectful and learning environment for you to feel an integral and important team member of our cattle stations.
We are always looking for people who have a passion for the Rural Industry and aspire to attitudes of excellence, a strong work ethic, energetic and self belief and discipline.

What you are required to learn.

▪ The applicant will be required to learn the following skills as a Jackaroo / Jilleroo / Trainee
▪ Water construction and maintenance.
▪ Basic fencing and tool skills.
▪ Machinery maintenance and welding.
▪ Operate basic machinery and equipment.
▪ Mustering, yarding of livestock, branding, earmarking, NILS Tagging.
▪ Identify and draft livestock
▪ Feeding supplement to the cattle livestock and other rural associated duties.


Working Expectations

✓ There will be an expectation that the applicant will keep the sheds in a neat and tidy condition
✓ There is an expectation that the tools, saddlery, motorbikes and motor- vehicles are kept in a safe neat and orderly condition.
✓ To keep the saddle room in a neat and tidy condition.
✓ There is an expectation that after use all equipment will be returned to their retrospective places.
✓ There is an expectation that the jobs that are set out are accomplished ( within reason).
✓ That all Work Place Health and Safety rules are followed and adhered to and common sense prevails.

Personal Expectations

✓ To have a developing work attitude and display common sense.
✓ To show respect and encouragement with fellow Jackaroo's, Jilleroo's, and Trainee ( poor behavior to others will not be tolerated)
✓ To work cooperatively with others in the team and as a team member.
✓ To be punctual to work.
✓ To exhibit clean and tidy personal habits and act in a way that enhances you and your fellow workmates. 
✓ Must be prepared to be clean and tidy at work and in their living quarters
✓ Be clean and presentable when off the property.
✓ To display acceptable social behavior while dealing with the general public both in a work and work social situations.

The Station has a NO DOG policy without prior arrangement and discussion with the Manager.