HEAD Stockperson Job Description

Our aim is to see you personally develop to the best of your potential.

Lord Cattle livestock are known in the industry for their quite temperament.
Natural and Low Stress Stock handling techniques  are used to manage the stock.
We are always looking for people who have a passion for the Rural Industry and aspire to attitudes of excellence, a strong work ethic, energetic and self belief and discipline

Work Outline and Description

Primary Responsibilities:
Safely and effectively perform duties aligned with Lord Cattle safety Work Health & Safety programs, fostering a secure work culture.
Manage livestock welfare as per the Lord Cattle Code of Practice.
Hold a current HR license for this position is a mandatory requirement.
Open, honest, and effective communication with management.
Be fit, able and ready for work on Mondays. Have effective organisational skills. A sound temperament is essential.
Demonstrate proficiency in Natural Horsemanship handling skills and Low Stress Stock handling techniques
( LSS) - This is non negotiable)

Head Stockperson to be a positive influence on the team they lead. To inspire and boost staff morale.
Lead and train your team in various tasks, including working with cattle, machinery, chemicals, maintenance, and general station duties.
Lead and attend team meetings as required daily and weekly.
Organise mustering teams and execute animal husbandry programs as per Lord Cattle requirements.
Uphold accurate stock records and comply with the Lord Cattles Quality Assurance program.
Secure the paddocks, overseeing gates and fences for safety and stock integrity.
Adhere to Maintenance Monday’s: All vehicles, plant & equipment to be serviced every Monday and documented.
This extends to including fencing and solar & submersible bore maintenance when required.

Other general station hand / stockperson roles may also be applicable to this role.
Cattle handling and mustering done with both horse & motorbikes.
Branding | Fencing construction and maintenance| Water construction and maintenance|
Machinery & Vehicle maintenance |Truck driving |Welding.
Feeding Lick supplement to the cattle herd and other associated rural cattle station duties.

Head Stockperson - Stationhand - Stockperson.

▪ Cattle handling and mustering on both horse & motorbikes.
▪ Branding.
▪ Fencing construction and maintenance.
▪ Water construction and maintenance.
▪ Machinery maintenance Mondays.
▪ Truck driving.
▪ Welding.
▪ Feeding Lick supplement to the cattle herd and
▪ Other associated rural cattle station duties.

That the applicant must have a willingness to learn and participate in the different thinking programs of the property management and be part of the team environment.

May Downs Rules

1. Turn up fit for work

2. If an issue arises call a meeting.
•If spoken in the meeting it’s constructive
•If spoken in the paddock it’s destructive.

3. Cattle must have a drink and feed every day.

4. We are to look after the land, animals & people.

5. Don’t go out & muster a paddock.
•Go out and handle cattle correctly
•Block up
•Move cattle straight off pressure
•Never let cattle go without blocking them up.

6. Notice to be given at breakfast if you’re not staying for dinner.




Working Expectations

✓ There is an expectation that the applicant will always be ontime, fit and ready for work on Mondays.
✓ There will be an expectation that the applicant will always keep the sheds organised and in a neat and tidy condition.
✓ There is an expectation that the tools, saddlery, motorbikes and motor- vehicles are kept in a safe neat and orderly condition. That they are reguraly maintained and serviced.
✓The saddle room will be kept in a neat and tidy condition.
✓ There is an expectation that after use, all equipment will be returned to their retrospective places.
✓ There is an expectation that the jobs that are set out are accomplished ( within reason).
✓ That all Work Place Health and Safety rules are followed and common sense prevails.

Personal Expectations

✓ To have a developing work attitude and display common sense.
✓ Accomplished Stationhands to show leadership and direction to fellow Jackaroo's, Jilleroo's, and Trainees
✓ To work cooperatively with others in the team and as a team member.
✓ To be punctual to work,fit and able.
✓ To exhibit clean and tidy personal habits and act in a way that enhances you and your fellow work mates. ( poor behavior to others will not be tolerated)
✓ Stationhand, Stockpersons must be prepared to be clean and tidy at work and in their living quarters
✓ Be clean and presentable when off the property.
✓ To display acceptable social behavior while dealing with the general public both in a work and work social situations.

The Station has a NO DOG policy without prior arrangement and discussion with the Manager.