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About Hughenden & Nottingham Downs


The township of Hughenden is situated approximately 350 kilometers west of Townsville and

is best known for the discovery of the dinosaur known as the Muttaburrasaurus. It is located on the edge of the ancient underground sea and because of this a number of important fossils have been found in the area with the Muttaburrasaurus being the most important. The town is located above the Great Artesian Basin.

Nottingham Downs.

Nottingham Downs is situated West of Hughenden, Queensland and has a carrying capacity of approximately 4,000 head year round.
Rainfall is around 400mm per year.
Nottingham Downs is predominantly made up of Red Flinders and Mitchell grass.

Nottingham Downs is predominantly made up of Red Flinders and Mitchell grass. Cattle from the May Downs operations are regularly transferred here to fatten when the seasons are good.

General Information

The Population of Hughenden

The preliminary estimated resident population of Flinders Shire Council at 30 June 2011 was 1,810 persons.

The Great Artesian Basin

The Shire is located above the Great Artesian Basin and relies on Sub-artesian bores for its water supply. Five bores serve as the water supply for Hughenden Township

General Grazing in the Flinders

Flinders Shire is predominantly a grazing area. The basalt red and black volcanic soil country north of the Flinders River consists of cattle properties, with the black soil Downs country south of Hughenden providing suitable grazing for sheep.

Approximately 204, 000 head of cattle and

405, 000 head of sheep can be found within the Shire.


What's On in Hughenden 2013

Hughenden Show 31st May - 2nd June 2013
Celebrating 130 Years of the Hughenden Show

Mount Walker Fun Run - Sunday June 16th 2013
is a 4K run and walk at Mount Walker in Queensland, 10km south of Hughenden. There is also a 2.4km event for under 12 year olds.
The Porcupine Gorge Challenge is on the day before this event, 73km north of Hughenden.

Hughenden Campdraft , Hughenden - 16-18 August 2013


Stamford Races and Community Fun Day, Stamford - 6 July 2013