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Lord Cattle Office - We are in the clouds
We have now become a paperless office .

Briefly How We Operate.

Lord Cattle has developed and continues to develop office systems that suit our rural industry and more importantly our business.

Our book keeping system works on what we refer to as a 'Marbig Filing Archive System' which we have developed over many years and have now taken this concept up into the cloud. This is basically a two part process where by all accounts once handled / paid from the working folders are then filed and archived in date and chronological order. Our system means everything has a place and never loses its position making it easier for auditing purposes or to simply finding past information when required very quickly.

We ensure all our business supplier accounts come directly to our head office for prompt payments.

Staff Wages are paid fortnightly and directly into their nominated banking accounts.

Business Management works closely with office staff.


Our Office Team


Bookkeeper & Administartion

Business Manager

IT & General Support